Guiding Eyes for the Blind

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At Guiding Eyes for the Blind, we change lives by connecting amazing people with extraordinary dogs. 

$50,000. That's the cost of preparing our students and dogs to become a Guiding Eyes team and to support them through a lifetime partnership. We are committed to never charging a person who needs one of our dogs to help live their fullest life. 
For individuals who are blind or visually impaired, a Guiding Eyes dog means freedom, confidence, and the opportunity to experience all of life’s adventures – big and small. 

But we can’t do it alone. Become a Guiding Eyes fundraiser today to help support a mission that gives dogs a purpose and those with vision loss a grander world to experience. 

Why Fundraise for Guiding Eyes?

As a Guiding Eyes fundraiser, you join a passionate community of individuals that supports the Guiding Eyes mission to provide guide dogs to people with vision loss – and creating partnerships that change lives. Maybe you will host a concert, organize a 5K, or even create a brand-new type of fundraising event. However you do it, you will be raising critical funds that connect exceptional dogs with individuals for greater independence. 
When you join this community of Guiding Eyes fundraisers, you gain access to:
  • A personalized fundraising page and fundraising dashboard
  • Critical resources, such as sample invitations, letters, and email templates
  • All the social media tools you need to spread the word about your great fundraiser

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