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Henna and Griffin's Wag-a-thon

K-9s Henna And Griffin (Former GEB Dogs)

K-9s Henna and Griffin (Former GEB dogs)

Thanks for visiting our Wag-a-thon page to find out more about this fundraiser! As two former Guiding Eyes for the Blind (GEB) dogs, we ended up choosing different career paths and were selected as detection dogs. We wouldn't have known about our special strengthals in another field if it weren't for the partnership our training agency has with GEB.

Please consider making a donation to support our Wag-a-Thon, a month-long virtual marathon we are participating in for the month of May. Together we will complete an entire marathon all while raising funds and creating awareness for this cause-- plus it helps get our Mom & Dad outside more, after a long and arduous winter!

What is GEB? Guiding Eyes for the Blind changes lives by connecting amazing people with extraordinary dogs. For individuals who are blind or visually impaired, a Guiding Eyes dog means freedom, confidence, and the opportunity to experience all of life's adventures - big and small. From Home Training to Special Needs to Running Guides and more, Guiding Eyes's pioneering programs are individualized to each student. Together, these dogs are paired with just the right student - and both their lives are forever changed.

For the price of a bag of doggie treats, we're asking that you consider making a donation to this fund raiser instead. Less treats and more walking means we can het our "summer bodies" ready!

Thank you in advance for your interest and your support of this cause!

-Love and Licks,
Henna and Griffin


raised of $1,000 goal

27.15 Miles Run/Walked

Recent Donations

1. MHM Hinton
Keep up the good work
2. KSKatie S.
3. ACAlison Charbonneau
4. TBTonya Braccidiferro
Happy Retirement Henna! And great job on this fundraiser Rosa; this seems like such a wonderful organization! :)
5. NCNancy Cole
So proud of you Rosa, Henna and Griffin! You surpassed your goals!
6. BCBlakeley Cole