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Welcome to my Wag-A-Thon page!

Sonia Kragh

Sonia Kragh

The Wag-A-Thon is a cumulative marathon with a goal to hit 26.2 miles by September 30 – all while raising critical funds to support Guiding Eyes for the Blind’s mission to provide guide dogs to people with vision loss. It’s an opportunity for people and dogs alike to stay active and do good. So far Constance and I have logged 59 miles and had fun at the Post Office, Aldi's, Dewitt Town Hall, Ace Hardware, Syracuse Creek Walk, all around the City of Syracuse downtown and numerous Parks. Constance is gaining confidence walking in areas with traffic, construction and other loud noises, dogs and people, climbing up and over all kinds of objects, and going on errands of all kinds. Being out in strong windy days and walking over air vents with a 20 foot drop are still a bit of a challenge! She is eating 3.25 cups of Science Diet puppy food a day, plus treats for training. Her house manners are great. Our cat, Bella, wishes that she would go away!

Guiding Eyes for the Blind changes lives by connecting amazing people with extraordinary dogs. For individuals who are blind or visually impaired, a Guiding Eyes dog means freedom, confidence, and the opportunity to experience all of life's adventures - big and small. From Home Training to Specialized Training to Running Guides and more, Guiding Eyes' pioneering programs are individualized to each student. Together, these dogs are paired with just the right student - and both their lives are forever changed. You can be a part of this life-changing mission by making a donation today!

Thank you for your support! - Sonia


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