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Phinley, Wrigley, and I would love some help!

Jennifer Holowaty

Jennifer Holowaty

The Wag-A-Thon is a cumulative marathon that Phinley, Wrigley, and I can do anywhere, at our own pace over the month of September. The goal is to hit 26.2 miles by September 30 – all while raising critical funds to support Guiding Eyes for the Blind’s mission to provide guide dogs to people with vision loss. It’s an opportunity for people and dogs alike to stay active and do good.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind changes lives by connecting amazing people with extraordinary dogs. For individuals who are blind or visually impaired, a Guiding Eyes dog means freedom, confidence, and the opportunity to experience all of life's adventures - big and small. From Home Training to Specialized Training to Running Guides and more, Guiding Eyes' pioneering programs are individualized to each student. Together, these dogs are paired with just the right student - and both their lives are forever changed. You can be a part of this life-changing mission by making a donation today!

Phinley, Wrigley, and I are hoping to make even the smallest difference as we participate in this challenge. Your help is essential in making that difference. You know what they say, 'No amount is too small.' It's true. One by one, little by little, we can move mountains.

Thank you for your help as we jump into this challenge!

Jenn, Phinley, and Wrigley


raised of $250 goal

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1. Brooklyn and Victoria
2. Kimberly A. Curry
You and the god-pups are so awesome!
3. Kelly J. McGill Seega
4. Thomas Walter
5. Bill & Jan Holowaty
Nice work.....with and for your Furry Friends❤️
6. Jm Holowaty