Yotpo Puppy Project


Welcome to the Guiding Eyes for the Blind Puppy Project at Yotpo!  Here, you'll find everything you need to join your co-workers in raising critical funds to provide guide dogs to people with vision loss. The support from Yotpo and its passionate employees enables Guiding Eyes to provide our entire program free of charge to every student who can be helped by a guide dog.

Fun, easy, meaningful … and puppies! What could be better?

How It Works...

Step 1

Go to the Puppy Project team page to which you were assigned and make your personal donation:
Team Farfel
Team Mackie
Team Phoebe
Team Ruby

Step 2

Share your team's fundraising page with friends & family, asking them to support you and the Puppy Project at Yotpo - and the incredible mission of Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Step 3

Participate in company-wide fundraising activities during the Puppy Project at Yotpo!

Step 4

Plan a fundraiser of your own for your team! Need some inspiration? Check out our list of fundraising suggestions.

Oh, and we almost forgot a very important introduction:

susan pic

Yotpo’s fluffy puppy partner is black Lab Susan. Yotpo employees will follow Susan through her puppy raising and training – you won’t want to miss the adorable pics and updates!