Puppy Project

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Your company & Your employees. Paired with our extraordinary dogs. 

How The Puppy Project Works

Your company is paired with an adorable Guiding Eyes puppy and sets a goal to raise the amount it takes to get your puppy from birth to guide dog training to support throughout the team’s partnership and into a happy retirement.

  • Step 1, the Puppy Match: Your puppy is here! Guiding Eyes will send a certificate announcing your puppy partner that can be posted to your intranet or sent via email to build anticipation for your kickoff.
  • Step 2, the Kickoff: Host a kickoff party and show off photos of your puppy partner to your colleagues! (Best scenario? A company employee is the volunteer puppy raiser and can bring the puppy to the kickoff!) Attendees are introduced to Guiding Eyes and the Puppy Project, and learn how to raise money and awareness through fun and engaging online tools.
  • Step 3, Fundraise & Fun: Earn prizes for individual fundraising as well as unique experiences as your team hits cumulative fundraising milestones.
If you have any questions please contact manderson@guidingeyes.org