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Welcome to Guiding Eyes Southern CT Puppy Raising's region's Funny for Funds

Maureen Hollis

Maureen Hollis

Thank you for visiting. This cause will help raise funds for our Southern CT region so we can purchase new crates and starter kits for puppy raisers. Please consider supporting your local region by donating to this great cause! Thank you so much for your support!
The Southern CT Puppy Raising region


raised of $3,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. BBBen B
Keep up all the great work! -- Ben (son of Laura)
2. SHShannon Houle
Keep up the good work!!
3. JWJames White
4. DDDenise Von Dassel
I'm happy to be a sponsor of this terrific fundraising event!
5. JWJoseph Wren
sponsor (through Bruce & Laura Buchanan)
6. KLKaren Lageveen
Thank you for all you do!!