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Welcome to Patsy and Ryan's Wedding Fundraiser Page!

Patsy Torres

Patsy Torres


Ryan from Seattle, blind from an accident...and Patsy from Phoenix, who suffers from degenerative RP...met over 5 years ago at guide dog school in New York...and are now getting married on October 12th, in fabulous Las Vegas! Yea!

All thanks to two very special dogs. During training and on outings, their dogs "Portland" and "Genseng", would continually seek each other out. They constantly found ways to entangle their humans. And, as a result, brought them together forever. Was it fate? Was it destiny? Who cares!

Regardless, we wish to celebrate our union by honoring those who've helped us on our journey. Not just us, but so many others as well. We've found a way to commemorate, to honor, and to give back all in one awesome good deed!

We'd like to make a donation to "Guiding Eyes for the Blind". Our goal is to reach or exceed $5000.00 so we can qualify to name a guide dog puppy, "Wilson"...in honor of our late, beloved grandparents...Grant and Evelyn Wilson.

Will you help us? Because, love shared...is a really good thing!

Patsy & Ryan



raised of $5,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. JSJohn Sanders
2. EfEric Farrell
3. AGAngie Gomez
4. SWSteve And Darlene Wilson
5. BDBessie Dial
6. SLSteve Lefeber
Congratulations, Ryan your mom must be very proud of you!